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Access to your own careers expert
Monday- Friday, 9 am- 5 pm

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Online careers advice, Monday-Friday 9-5, for any key questions

The helpline is an invaluable resource for schools. Instead of having to do all the research yourself, we will research any key careers-related questions for you. There is nothing too specific to ask!

  • We will undertake in-depth research to provide a detailed response to questions you may receive from pupils, parents or teachers.

  • We can even create a word document resource specifically tailored around your question, for you to use in the future.

  • Get access to this highly personalised service, without increasing your staff workloads.

Examples of questions asked:

  • Do you have a guide or tips for applying to universities in Ireland?

  • Can international students apply to apprenticeships in the UK?

  • Can a British student study Law in France or Canada? What are the entry requirements and what law qualification would this provide? Also, where can they study French Law in the UK?

  • Have you any general information on BTECs that we could share with a parent?

  • My Year 13 student is studying Sociology, Psychology and Geography and has predicted grades of BCC. Where can they apply to study Paramedic Science to qualify as a paramedic? If becoming a Paramedic isn't possible, what else do you suggest?

The detailed research conducted by the FutureSmart helpline on my behalf has saved me so much time, I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to me and to my students!

Head of Careers, Truro School


Extensive careers resources, ready to share with pupils and parents

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Would you benefit from downloadable careers resources?

Our downloadable online resources include information to help your students prepare to leave school, apply to university or apprenticeships, take a gap year, study abroad and much more.

Our most popular resources are:

  • Degree course entry requirements: documents providing the subject and grade entry requirements for a range of popular university degree courses in the UK.

  • Beyond the syllabus: advice and resources to help your students prepare a stand out application for their university applications in a wide range of subjects including Medicine, Psychology, Economics among others. 

  • Year 12 preparing to leave school: choosing a university course, open days & taster events, work experience, useful websites, making a successful Oxbridge application and more.

  • Apprenticeships- where to find them and how to prepare for applications.

Other resources include:

  • Subject guides- with pathways to careers, university courses and more.

  • International study guides with information on finding courses, applying, fees and work visas. There is a guide of every country with a university ranked in the top 100 on QS.

  • Gap year advice and list of providers.


Monthly newsletter with updates, events and opportunities

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Up to date opportunities in a competitive market?

  • Our monthly newsletter provides key stories, careers advice for students, upcoming events, and crucial career’s deadlines.
  • A great resource to rebrand as your own.


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FutureSmart Essentials reduces staff workload, provides an excellent service and up to date information for your students.

Your school can benefit from FutureSmart Essentials for £350 per year, plus VAT.

For further enquiries or to purchase our FutureSmart Essentials package, please contact us at: essentials@futuresmartcareers.co.uk