How we work with students

We help 1000’s of students every year to make good choices about subjects, developing employability skills, applying to university, not going to university, long term career goals and many more things. Everyone that works with us gets access to our website resources, our monthly newsletter and to our helpline service (who provide additional research to answer your more specific questions) and many have one to one guidance meetings.

So whether you have  accessed our service via school or your parents have signed you up, bring us your questions and you can be sure that we will talk to you about all the things you want to talk about and help you figure out what is best for you.  


How can I train to be a Pilot?

How can I find some work experience?

Should I do A levels or the IB?

How can I get into Oxford or Cambridge?

What jobs will there be in the future?

Should I take a gap year?

Which careers pay the most?

I do not want to go to university what else is there?

What happens if I don’t get the grades?

I have no idea what I want to do, Help!

How can I get into a good university?



  • I liked how we talked through the whole process, from A levels to jobs.

    Student at Radley College
  • I am more confident about making the right choices to succeed in the future

    Student at Millfield School.
  • Thank you so much.  This was the most help I have had and it was very easy to make a clear path.

    Student at King's College, Taunton