FutureSmart Connect


We offer an independent careers service to the parents of students who do not study in the schools we work with.

FutureSmart Connect is available to anyone who feels that their child may benefit from some individual expert careers guidance.

Our packages offer online psychometric assessments, one-to-one guidance meetings and support with applications.  Meetings are in person or provided remotely depending where you are based.

A set of personalised notes will be available including an action plan which is developed with the individual.

There will be access to the resources on our website (until the end of compulsory education) for you and them and we have an online helpline to answer any further questions that arise.

We understand that making good choices can be difficult without the guidance of someone who really understands the full range of educational and workplace options that exist for young people and we successfully support thousands of students every year who are making the same decisions about their futures. So, if you think we may be able to help please contact us.

To find out more about working with us and how we can help your son or daughter please call us on 0330 311 9509 or email us at connect@futuresmartcareers.co.uk