Kickstarting Your Career with an Apprenticeship

February 2024


For young people looking to launch their career and aspiring to a particular profession or trade, doing an apprenticeship with on-the-job training and earning a salary at the same time can be a real game changer.

Our team of advisers has been working closely with schools to champion apprenticeships through the ASK Programme and we are all passionate about equipping students with the essential know-how to find interesting  apprenticeships and navigate the application process.

In this month’s blog, we share some of our advice about the benefits of doing an apprenticeship, finding the right one for you and top tips on applying.

Is an Apprenticeship Right for me? Exploring the Benefits

Real jobs with salaries

-        Apprenticeships are real jobs with an income and provide hands-on experience and qualifications.

Employee benefits

-        Apprentices have an employment contract and typically get the same benefits as other employees including paid holiday.

No student debt

-        Employers pay for qualifications including university tuition fees on degree apprenticeships (£9,250 per year).

Build your network

-        Apprenticeships can be a great way to build your contacts and networks for future career opportunities.

Learning applied on the job

-        Any academic learning is applied the ‘next day’ in the work place.

Highly valued by employers

-        Employers often value apprentices as much as their graduates recruits, appreciating the skills, knowledge and workplace experience.

Excellent employment prospects

-        Apprenticeships often lead to continued employment.  Latest figures showed that *93% of apprentices were in employment at the end of their apprenticeship.

Something for everyone

-        The apprenticeship landscape is expanding, with diverse roles in exciting fields like Zookeeper, Solicitor, and now  Accountant, Doctor.

-        Apprenticeships are now offered in dynamic sectors like Law, Accounting, Engineering, and I.T. Companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, Rolls-Royce, and CGI offer rich opportunities with salaries ranging from £16,000 to £35,000.

-        Whether you are aspiring to work in the Police, Banking or simply would like to work with animals or in the tech industry, apprenticeships are available with a vast array of companies and industry sectors. Check out Amazing Employers  for some amazing apprenticeships.




Top Tips for Finding the Right Apprenticeship and Applying

Know Your Interests

-        Reflect on your interests and hobbies and find a career area to match.

-        Take the "Which Apprenticeship Am I?” Quiz.


Listen to Apprentice Stories

-        Gain insights from other apprentices’ experiences here

-        Understand the variety of apprenticeships through real apprentice stories.


Research employers

-        Explore opportunities in large and small companies.

-        Look beyond a company's popular products or services. Major companies may offer a range of apprenticeships across their various departments from IT to HR to business management.


Ask Important Questions

-        Investigate company values, ethos, and the apprenticeship nature.

-        Consider the level, duration and potential for progression.


Consider Your Priorities

-        Look at the location and consider how you will get there.

-        Look beyond salary and company brand for what else the apprenticeship will give you.

-        Are you prepared to commit to the job role for the duration?

-        Are you suited to working and studying at the same time?


Know Where to Look

-        Explore apprenticeship websites, company websites, and social media.

-        Utilise resources like Find an Apprenticeship, Rate My Apprenticeship, and Amazing Apprenticeships.

-        Use your personal connections and local job sites.


Understand the Recruitment Cycle

-        Apprenticeship vacancies are advertised throughout the year.

-        Be proactive and don't wait until the closing date to submit your application.


Be Prepared for Competition From Other Applicants!

-        Just because you apply, doesn’t mean you will automatically get an apprenticeship.  The employer may want to consider lots of other applicants before deciding who will get the apprenticeship.


Apply to Multiple Vacancies

-        Research and apply for multiple vacancies to increase your chance of success.


Apply to full-time courses to provide a back-up

-        Apply to apprenticeships alongside other options such as full time Further Education or Higher Education courses

-        Compare routes into a chosen career such as  university versus doing an apprenticeship.


Write your CV

-        Put your education, qualifications, skills and experiences onto your CV. There are lots of CV templates out there. Read the CV guide from Amazing Apprenticeships.


Practice some interview questions

-        Practice some common interview questions with a friend or family member or record yourself and play back.

-        Try to maintain good eye contact, be enthusiastic, talk about your strengths and smile!


A Final Word

We believe that apprenticeships can pave the way to a fulfilling career whatever the starting point.  Whether envisioning a traditional or unconventional path, apprenticeships can equip young people with all of the tools they need for success. Your dream career might just be an apprenticeship away!

National Apprenticeship Week

As National Apprenticeship Week approaches (5th - 11th February), explore online platforms, attend local events, and delve into the world of apprenticeships. There are an array of resources for schools, events both face to face and online as well as resources for schools to get students involved:

Amazing Apprenticeships


National Apprentice Week Events

Apprenticeship resources for schools

And if you want to speak to one of our advisers, please feel free to reach out to us at

[Sources: Skills Funding Agency,, Amazing Apprenticeships]